Urinary incontinence is a major problem for millions of people around the world. Just recently Botox, yes the stuff used in people’s faces to smooth away wrinkles and what not, was approved for use in patients with neurological issues that suffer from incontinence. Here is a link to the article: Botox Approved for Urinary Incontinence.  But, basically I read up on how it works and its the same idea as smoothing away wrinkles except instead of “relaxing” skin it is “relaxing” the bladder.  You would think that by relaxing the bladder that it would cause you to pee but quite the opposite.  In order to urinate, your bladder actually contracts instead of relaxes.  So, by injecting Botox it causes the bladder to relax and thus decreasing the incontinence episodes for those with neurological issues that suffer from incontinence.

The approval is quite limited to only those that are neurological patients such as spinal cord injuries or multiple sclerosis.  This wouldn’t apply to the average woman or man suffering from incontinence.  But, I personally think this is a good thing even though I am not one of those people that believes in medicating up and drugs.  I am a very “natural” person and don’t like overloading my body with medications, drugs, etc.  I try to eat organically and healthy as much as I can so the idea of injecting Botox (which is really just a form of Botulism Toxin) – yes Botulism – the same thing that can cause paralysis from eating under-cooked meat, into my body is just absolutely never going to happen for any reason even if deemed safe.  But, I think for those who suffer from incontinence that have multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions that this can be very beneficial to them when the least of their worries is putting a “safe” form of botulism toxin into their body.  Modern medicine has some major polar opposites in my opinion in that I believe that a lot of things will do more harm than good, especially in the long term, but then when it comes to modern innovations of medicine such as this that can provide relief for parents and individuals suffering from incontinence in disabled people – this can provide some significant relief.

You have to think about the benefits and ramifications this has for say the parents of these disabled persons.  By reducing the amount of urinary incontinence episodes of these individuals not only does wonders for the child or person but also can save the parents money in catheter changing costs and/or adult diaper costs.  It reduces the amount of times someone will use their diaper so reduces the amount of diapers that the parent has to pay for in the long term and thus saves the parent’s money.  I don’t know – I can appreciate the small benefits that people may not think of like that.

Just because I have embraced my incontinence (both urinary and fecal) and have learned to make the best of the situation and attribute it a lot to the person I am today does not mean I don’t think others should have to suffer if they do not accept it or find it a huge burden in their life.  I am all for individual choices and though I have made mine and would not change a thing – I am all about helping others if they want help even if they do not accept incontinence or consider it a meaningful part of their life like I do.  So, when I see little news bits like this – I can truly APPRECIATE the benefits that something like this can have on thousands of families in the United States who have children that suffer from incontinence that have neurological conditions.  I can just see the parents reading this same news and just getting a glimmer of hope that they can benefit from this..