So, I know many have been wondering exactly what happened with me and my posting. Well, unfortunately I have been in the midst of a bit of a tricky situation financially and with my family. Let me explain.

I grew up in a fairly poor family. To this day, the majority of my family remains financially “hard-shipped”. But, anyways my family recently had some medical issues come up and my husband and I have been attempting to financially help pay some of those bills and deal with the medical issues in my parents. Lots of emotions and just lots of trying to put in extra hours when I can to maintain baseline financially for us as well as trying to funnel some (majority) of it to my family.

I am sure many who read my blog can appreciate how high medical bills can be. Well, it seems we have fortunately been able to put a pretty big dent in those bills over the past 5-6 months so I have just been tied up with a lot of that and trying to maintain the blog over that time was proving difficult. Things should be good now and I am back on a fairly normal schedule without all the extra hours and giving up >50% of my money each paycheck to my family in order to help pay down some of these medical bills. But, just happy that things are looking up medically for my parents and its finally looking positive.

I have communicated a few of these issues to you privately over email and messaging and I appreciate a lot of your prayers and support. Hopefully (promise) things will be returning to normal with more consistent updates. Just thank you to all those that understand/understood and continue to support me through out this time.

Appreciate immensely everyone that is/has supported me on this blog and continued to come back and have faith in me. Those that know me know I have a serious passion for the ABDL community and I want you all to know that so many of you have the warmest hearts and I cannot tell you how appreciative I am. To those that are still following and supporting me – I say Thank You and great things are to come…promise!