The other day I browsing various ABDL sites and started to think that the marketing for ABDL products really is a unique situation. The type of products that ABDLs want such as Bambino Diapers, ABUniverse, etc  are not exactly able to be just plastered all over the internet on various marketing networks. The promotion of products is not able to be disseminated to the entire public but instead has to be directed at the niche that is adult babies, diaper lovers, littles, etc.

This little fact is important to remember for future and current ABDL product marketers because where many businesses can hire marketing companies and consultants to help advertise their products to the public. This does not really work in my opinion in this type of community. The ABDL community is huge and I mean huge in my opinion and just based on facts. And, the key to marketing to those in the community is probably pretty difficult because most of these ABDL users congregate on a select number of sites across the internet.

The big sites in the adult baby and diaper lover community are fairly unique and where a lot of the traffic is congregated. The big players obviously want those spots. But, the little companies or up and coming companies need to be able to advertise there as well because that is the only way these companies are going to be successful.

Companies can only do so much advertising on Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But, these are ancillary if a company is going to truly be successful in the short and long term. Niche communities like adult babies, diapers lovers, transgenders, littles, etc are unique and are conglomerated into main sites on the internet.

Companies can not really do direct advertising within the community or what not because there products really don’t mesh with the general public.

My advice is to companies out there looking to promote ABDL products – you need to make the investment or at least seek out the popular ABDL sites out there and try and advertise there. Also, other methods would be try to work with popular people in the community to get them to support/promote/what not your product because a lot of things in the ABDL community are word of mouth and what not as well.

The ABDL community is not made up of the majority of rich people in my opinion so these companies are asking their customers to spend a good amount of money on their product then they need backing from popular sites, people, word of mouth, etc. It is just the way things work in niche communities like this.

It can make it hard for companies to promote if they are not willing to go out on a limb and invest in the community like that. Advertising is difficult in niche communities but ABDLs are dying for great and new products. But, these companies need to make sure that they realize this and set their advertising platform and focus up in this way.

Just my opinion for the up and coming and even current companies that provide products geared toward the adult baby and diaper lover community. This can even apply to other niche community advertisers as well.