I have heard a lot of talk about the Unique Wellness Brief, so I figured I would see what all the fuss was about it.  At first, I did receive a bad batch and was sent more of the “correct” batch with the improved padding.  I will add the new photos of the unique wellness brief when I get a chance.  I removed the old ones as they are not accurate for a quality review anymore.

The first thing I noticed was the cute color blue of the medium sized unique wellness diaper.  I will say the blue is certainly a change from the white color diaper that most are.  That is one of the positives when I am comparing the diaper to some of the premium diapers such as Bambino, Secure, Abena, etc since those are all white.  The diaper is definitely no where close to as thick as the other premium diapers and if I am going to be paying a premium price than I want to feel like I am getting a premium diaper in thickness.  But, I will say that they absorbed a lot which definitely would classify this adult diaper with the premium type diapers.  They don’t absorb as much as a Bambino or Secure X-Plus but they still hold a lot for being thinner.  The problem I have with the Unique Wellness Briefs is that they are so expensive compared to what you can get for your money.  You can get a lot better deal and more bang for your buck with other premium diapers.   But, again, this is all preference.  Some people want to avoid thickness but still want decent absorbency which the Unique Wellness Brief definitely offers.  The material including the plastic seems high quality and to have good protection.  The “crinkle factor” is definitely there, so they are not quiet if that is what you are going for.

Even after the corrected version I received, I still feel like they misrepresent their diaper look with their photos…here is the photo they provide on their website which makes the diaper look very thick everywhere but in reality its not as thick as it looks:

They make the diaper look so thick in that image but it is not that thick and you will be disappointed if you are expecting some super bulky-babyish diaper.  If I had to compare them to another diaper in similarity I would say they are about the same as the Secure Plus but without the cute design of the Secure Plus of course(not that Secure X-Plus).

The tapes are similar to the Abena diaper but I think the Unique Wellness Brief’s tapes hold significantly better than Abena’s tapes.  The tapes were very strong overall and actually felt a little more stable than the Abena but I guess I am just so used to the super secure tapes on the Bambinos.  They do have a wetness indicator on them which is nice to have if you like wetness indicators on your diapers.

In conclusion, they are a good premium adult diaper that I would rate as on the same level as a Tranquility ATN or Secure Plus diaper.  The absorbency of the diaper is very good as is with the other mid-upper level diapers such as Secure Plus or Tranquility ATN, Tranquility being the lesser of the group.  Again, it comes down to preference and what you are looking for.  For the price I would have to pay for them I could get a better deal and better diaper in the Bambinos or Secure or some of the other premium ones out there like Abena but that is mainly because of my bias and preference to the thicker and super premium diapers.  Its all preference obviously, but I will say for the price I expected a few more features OR better absorbency.  But, overall the Unique Wellness Briefs are just a good premium diaper that I think they would be a good backup diaper to your Bambino, Secure, or Abena diaper if you like the thicker ones or just a good premium diaper to switch things up with every once in awhile since they are absorbent and a different color.  (I am sure others have differing opinions) – but I am basing a fair amount of this off the price of the diaper compared to a lot of the more well-known upper echelon diapers like the Secure X-Plus or Abena X-Plus or Bambino Diapers..