A simple but sometimes vexing question for diaper wearers of all stripes: to wear other underwear over the diaper, beneath the pants/skirt/whatever, or not?

Like everything diaper-related, it largely comes down to comfort and personal preference. But there are a few compelling advantages and disadvantages to wearing undies with your diapers:

Underwear with Diapers – Advantages

  • A large, high-waisted pair of underwear can completely envelop all edges of the diaper beneath it (boxers and boyshorts work well for this). That means that if a waistline shows above your skirt or trousers, it’s more likely to be a cloth waistband than a bright white plastic one. This adds another layer of camouflage for self-conscious diaper wearers.
  • Tight underwear can pull a diaper in, compressing the padding so that it makes less of a bulge. Boxer-briefs work well for this. However, it limits the diaper’s ability to expand, meaning the padding is likely to absorb less liquid before leaking.
  • Layering lacy lingerie or other “sexy” underwear over a diaper can help people feel more sexy and confident in their diapers. A matched panty/bra set works well for women.
  • Underwear provides a last layer of absorbency before leaks bleed through and spot the outer garment. In the event of a diaper leak, the wetness soaking into the underwear can sometimes provide enough warning to go get changed before any serious wetness makes it through to the pants or skirt.

Underwear with Diapers – Disadvantages

  • Another layer of cloth means extra bulk. There’s only so much room in a pair of trousers. If you’re going to wear diapers and underwear, you’ll probably need a “relaxed” fit or a similar style with plenty of room in the crotch and seat.
  • As mentioned above, underwear that compresses the diaper can limit its absorbency. If all the wetness is being squeezed downward by your underwear, it’s going to overwhelm the leg gathers and tapes much more quickly.
  • Every layer adds heat. Diapers beneath pants and underwear can become stifling quickly.
  • It’s that much more laundry — especially when leaks soak the underwear.

As with most options, there’s no one right or wrong answer here. If you find an added layer of underwear makes your diapered experience more comfortable, go for it! If not, don’t stress it — you’ve already got one perfectly serviceable pair of undergarments on, so long as you’re wearing a diaper.

Which method do you prefer? Leave us a comment and let us know why!