Diaper Lovers DiapersDiaper lovers a unique group of individuals focused on wearing diapers.  There are all sorts of people out there that love other physical objects such as stuffed animals, toys, shoes, feet, etc. But, when it comes to diaper lovers they stand out.  The mindset behind a typical diaper lover is not of anything sexual but more of comfort and security.  Ask any diaper lover why exactly they love diapers and the first thing the comes to their mind is not sexual but of a feeling they can’t really explain but only use words such as comfort, security, and relaxing to describe their love for diapers.  This sets apart the group of diaper lovers from many other groups out there.

Truly Understanding Diaper Lovers

Understanding a diaper lover really isn’t that hard if you can keep an open mind and be non-judgmental.  The key to understanding is letting go of preconceptions and be more open-minded and willing to understand.  The average diaper lover does not wear diapers or “fixate” on diapers for sexual reasons but merely an object that calms or relaxes them.  I know, personally, that even being incontinent – putting on a diaper has a overwhelming relaxation effect on me and calming effect.  This bodes true for many other diapers lovers.  They are not looking to harm anyone or interfere with other people’s lives.  They do want others to understand and not look at them like a freak.

To understand a diaper lover means to truly put yourself in their shoes. You have to envision a life of innocence where wearing diapers brings comfort and joy to a person. A pure diaper lover merely focuses on enjoying the moment; the moment of wearing a diaper and feeling babyish. This is important to remember as most diaper lovers are into wearing diapers for an emotional side more than a physical side.

Diaper Lovers and Adult Babies

A diaper lover by him/herself is separate from an adult baby.  Some diaper lovers are adult babies and some are strictly just diaper lovers (DL’s).  A diaper lover merely just likes the act of wearing diapers or participating in diapers while an adult baby enjoys a lot of the “processes” and activities behind acting like a baby outside of diapers.  Many diaper lovers usually have some sort of percentage or degree of “adult babyism” in them.

Adult babies are very similar to diaper lovers but they are not to be lumped together. A diaper lover purely loves the enjoyment of wearing diapers and using diapers. They love them for the feeling, look, comfort, security, etc. Adult babies may or may not be a diaper lover (typically are) but enjoys the more intricate baby side. They may dress up like a baby and engage in more babyish type behavior in contrast to diaper lovers.

Who Are Diaper Lovers?

A diaper lover can be your best friend, a coworker, a boss, governor, doctor, attorney, etc.  You would just never know it because diaper lovers are typically more discreet than an adult baby.  What if you found out your best friend of 20 years wore diapers?  Would you automatically classify him as a freak or would you be a lot more understanding an it not be as big of a deal?  Well, that is how the average diaper lover wants to be looked at from an understanding perspective – they want you to understand them the same way you would if you found out a best friend wore diapers – more respect, more understanding, and more care rather than automatic judgments..