Sometimes in no matter what you do there are always going to be major critics out there about what you write, how you write it, etc.  But, there is a major difference between critiquing and bashing.  Take this blog for instance, I am trying to build this blog to become the most popular blog in the ABDL community by putting in hard work to write good articles that are informative and sometimes opinionated.  I try to post exclusive content as well as good photos.  I have heard hundreds of praises as well as positive comments already but then there are those select few who find themselves wanting to somehow find a way to ‘bash’ this blog.  My answer to them is give it a rest, if it weren’t for people like me all through out the ABDL community then interactions between ABDL’s would be reduced from what is today.  I figured people would want to hear from a real diaper lover girl that wears 24/7 and see photos of her along with updated multiple times daily articles, photos, and opinions that everyone can find interesting.  Thats all for now, but I hope everyone who is reading the blog is enjoying it thus far!

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