Adult babies are simple but complex. We bask in our uniqueness.

Whether you are an adult baby or someone looking to learn about adult babies then this cheat sheet on adult babies should help demystify a few things. As you read this, stay grounded, stay objective and keep an open mind. If you do those things than you will better understand and appreciate what an adult baby or diaper lover is all about.

Behold the Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers

Adult Babies Are Not Into Children

This is the first point. I will make this very clear to everyone. Adult babies and diaper lovers have no interest or attachment to children. Period.

What Does ABDL Stand For?

ABDL stands for Adult Baby / Diaper Lover. It is a popular abbreviation to represent the ABDL community as a whole.

What is an Adult Baby?

Adult babies are those that are into the more babyish aspects. Examples include dressing like a baby, eating like a baby, playing like a baby, wearing diapers, etc.

What is a Diaper Lover?

Diaper lovers are those specifically that just love to wear and use diapers. They don’t necessarily enjoy the other adult baby or babyish aspects.

Is Being an Adult Baby or Diaper Lover Harmful?

No. By itself, being an adult baby or diaper lover is in no way harmful to the individual or people around them. Obviously, certain actions an individual takes can change that.

Allowing oneself to be completely engrossed into the ABDL lifestyle can be harmful on social abilities but most ABDL’s live a completely normal life with the adult baby or diaper lover side of them still being a huge part of their lives.

Do I Have to Wear Diapers?

No…you don’t have to – but 99.9% of ABDL’s wear diapers as it is the focal point of the topic of adult babies and diaper lovers.

Where Do You Get Adult Diapers? ;; ;

You can also buy them from your local grocery store or drug store.

How Many Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers Are There?

Hard to estimate but judging by traffic amongst websites and communities – millions around the world!

Are There Social Gathering for ABDLs?

Yes, all over the country! You will be surprised to find how many adult babies and diaper lovers are just around your one area.

Check Here for Groups:

What is Special About Diapers and Wearing Them?

For many adult babies and diaper lovers this is hard to explain. The feeling of wearing a diaper is indescribable. Between the feeling of security, comfort, look, feel, and dependence. It is also a wave of emotions that brings you back to that feeling of innocence when there weren’t as many stresses in life.

Is there a Sexual Side to Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers?

For some. For some in the ABDL community – it is partly sexual but for MANY – there is nothing sexual about it. They just enjoy the innocence of wearing diapers, using them and/or acting like a baby. It can be relaxing for many.

What Should I Think if I Am A Parent of a Adult Baby or Diaper Lover?

Be understanding. That is what I would tell you. Being understanding of someone that is into the ABDL lifestyle or community is important. Many ABDLs in the community have had bad experiences with “coming out” about their diapers and this can cause far more harm than good.

By accepting your adult baby or diaper lover and supporting them in some way…you are saying…I may or may not fully understand but I Love You and I support you. Obviously, some people are more comfortable with it than others but it is important to try and understand – try to help in whatever way you feel comfortable. This is a much better route to take then trying to forcefully stop them or criticize or put them down.

Will He/She Ever Stop Being an Adult Baby or Diaper Lover?

This question is debatable. But, many ABDLs feel that once you are an ABDL – you will never fully lose it. It will always be some part of you…that depends on how much one embraces it or is allowed to engage in it. That is why it is better to support rather than not. You will get a lot further with someone by supporting rather than putting them down or not being accepting.

Can Diapers Help Relieve Stress?

For many – wearing diapers is a way to relax and relieve yourself of the stress of life occurrences. A way of returning to some level of innocence, comfort and security.

Can It Be Expensive to be an Adult Baby or Diaper Lover?

That depends. At first it may seem expensive but it is all about what you choose to spend your money on. I always advise people to go with Premium Adult Diapers (i.e. BambinoDiapers, Dry 24/7, etc) instead of store brand diapers because they will last you longer and you will not have to worry about leaks as much.

Buying extraneous other things like adult baby clothes and objects like pacifiers and bottles are all reasonably priced. Many can be picked up at a dollar store or places like Wal-Mart such as pacifiers, wipes, bottles, etc.

How Does Changing an Adult Diaper Work?

The same way as a baby diaper! Duh. No difference. There may be a few more tape tabs on certain diapers but no difference.

Cleaning up an adult baby or diaper lover’s “mess” may be a little more of a job but having the right products and tools help to negate this little issue.

Where Do ABDLs Change Their Diapers in Public?

Many change in restroom stalls, family bathrooms, cars, woods, or anywhere else private.

Is It Hard to Change Your Own Adult Diaper?

At first it takes a little getting used to but most people will agree that it becomes very easy the more you do it. Most people master changing their own adult diaper.

Can You Get an Infection From Wearing Adult Diapers?

Many people think you can get an infection from wearing diapers…more specifically a urinary tract infection. For women, this is more common only if you use the diaper for defecation (pooping). For men, it is not as much of a problem.

If you are a female and use the diaper for defecation then my advice would be not to sit in it for hours upon hours. And, also to make sure you or whoever changes you cleans you up really well.

Are Adult Diapers Comfortable?

Yes…most people remark about just how comfortable adult diapers are the first time they wear them.

Will People Notice I Am Wearing a Diaper?

Most people will never know you are wearing a diaper unless you want to show it off for whatever reason. Unless you are wearing tight clothes…people finding out is very unlikely unless you wear tight clothes, short skirt or you bend over and your shirt rides up.

Do Many People Care If They Notice You Wearing an Adult Diaper?

No. I would say in my experience 95% of people don’t care and most people associate it with a medical condition anyway.

Advice For Telling Others About Wearing Diapers

If you are looking to tell another person about your adult baby or diaper lover habits then my advice would be to make it sound like it is not a big deal while also communicating how much it means to you. Sound hard? It isn’t.

You express to them that this is who you are and explain all the reasons it makes you feel good, relaxes you, and the positives it brings you. But, without coming across like some sexually or socially awkward person. It is all about presentation and how you present it to them.

This list will hopefully be continually updated with other “need to know” basic as time goes on and suggestions are made to include. I want this list to serve as a reference for many years to come and hopefully help out all the new and old adult babies and diaper lovers