I have recently joined Twitter and in a way it is kind of addicting but I find myself almost forgetting sometimes to use it.  Like, its almost like a lifestyle if you really want to take full advantage of Twitter.  The whole point of Twitter is to help others keep up with what you are doing and your status which is pointless unless you do just that.  I have done some twitter but I must say I am in no way keeping up with it like I should.

I was wondering whether there was any hard-core Twitter’s out there that could give me or anyone else some helpful hints on keeping up with Twitter and what exactly to talk about.  I like social networking and what not so I do enjoy keeping up with everyone and letting people know to an extent what I am doing.  And a lot of people seem to be into Twitter so I figured I would give it a whirl.  Any other hardcore ABDL Twitterers out there willing to share a few tricks on how you manage to always keep up with your twitter?.