Today I would like to address this issue of trust in the ABDL community.  There really is a major lack of trust in the community and the problem is that there is a good reason for it.  Its not like people are just not trusting in general most of the time it usually stems from happenings within the community.  I just wish everyone could be a little more trusting sometimes and realize that there are people who are fake and then there are real people.  The real people rarely come out and talk because a lot of times they really just want to talk and not talk about “what diaper are you wearing” type of questions.  They (including myself) enjoy just real talking.

A social life of some sort is very important.  Please people at least give others a legitimate chance to prove to you who they are for not only their consideration but also for your safety so you know who you are talking to.  These are just some of my opinions in this regard and I do like talking about diapers but you can only talk about them so much and then the conversation must fall on something a little different…like “how was your day?” or “did you see that movie last weekend?” – ya know like you are talking to a good friend type of conversation.  Just my thoughts!