I was thinking today of what Valentine’s means and I decided that it shouldn’t just be looked at as a day for couples to celebrate their love for one another (which it should as well!) but also a time to show love for everyone you care about and all the THINGS you care about! Those who care about you are the ones who accept you and love you for exactly who you are! The one’s who support whether significant other, family, and even friends.  And of course my love for diapers 🙂 this is a day like any other day where I can celebrate my love for diapers and the freedom that they give me! There are so many people out there who go through everyday with no passion, no love, no zest for life! but me, NEVER! Diapers have always given me my zest for life my passion and I don’t think anyone should live any other way! For those of you who don’t like Valentine’s day just look at it as a day to celebrate what you love with those you love no matter who or what they are!! Okay, so maybe this is a little far fetched for some and probably not what everyone wants to hear but just thought I would share my opinion 🙂 LOVE DIAPERS, LOVE LIFE, and LOVE YOURSELF 🙂 that’s my motto!

And to all my readers out there, Thank you so much! Your support and dedication has made me so happy! I can’t even begin to describe how much I enjoy hearing from every single one of you each day!

Have a wonderful DIAPERED Valentine’s day!.