Hope everyone had a great weekend! Its kinda of a bummer that the week is starting all ready! Seems way too soon! I had a fun weekend but really didn’t do too much to talk about, but honestly sometimes it is just GREAT to take a break and relax from a very hectic week!

This weekend thought I did do something that I haven’t done before! I triple diapered 🙂 I have doubled a bunch of times but this weekend I thought I would have some fun and see what a triple diaper would be like when I went out to dinner on Saturday night.  I have to say it did help! I don’t think I put big enough slits in the diaper so that it leaked properly but It did feel very nice to have that my protection I must say!

I found this article and though it was kind of interesting: http://slog.thestranger.com/2007/01/adult_baby_daycare

It is about an adult baby daycare center that opened in Montreal. I think this is very cute 🙂 It would be awsome if something like this could open in the United States, maybe there is and I just don’t know about it but I think it is a cute idea! Well off for me to get some things done!

Have a great evening my friends!.