I know this is a crazy title but I Just wanted to share another thing that I really love! All weekend when I was out I made a point to wear some of my favorite tight pants, you know legging type things.  I think it is the greatest feeling to walk around and be able to see the diaper outline through the pants! Of course I also like to show it in the back by lifting up my shirt but there is just something about the outline of the diaper that I absolutely LOVE!!! there is also the added bonus that it makes my butt look oh so much nicer 🙂 hahaha

I have to say those are my favorite things to wear with a diaper! That and short skirts to that you can sometimes see my diaper! nothing trashy or anything but I just love to wear things like that with my diaper! Do any of you have anything favorite you like to wear when you are going out in your diaper? I always love hearing new ideas cause sometimes I like to go and try it out myself! 🙂

Have a great Monday!.