Don’t get me wrong, I like the Bambino line of diapers well enough, but at the risk of ABDL apostasy — what the heck is up with those tough plastic front panels?


These guys make a great diaper with thick, absorbent padding and about as soft an exterior as you can manage in waterproof plastic…and then they yank a ten-inch rectangle of packing tape across the front.

If there’s a way to put these things on that doesn’t create sharp-edged fault lines in the colored panel every time you move or fold it, I haven’t figured it out yet. And that’s too bad, because they’re otherwise fantastic diapers — and yes, the designs are cute, when you’re in the mood for something playful and babyish.

I think it would bother me less if they hadn’t put one on their “Bianco,” which is the plain-fronted version of their basic model. Like…seriously, guys, the diaper was already plain white. Putting a clear plastic decal across half of it doesn’t really add much.

Maybe there’s a design function I’m missing here. Who knows. But I like nearly everything about the Bambino line of diapers…except that doggone front panel.

At least make it a little less rigid, guys. I’m begging you here. That stuff’s just not comfortable when it starts to bend and crease.