I have been asked by many people outside the United States what the ABDL community is like here.  To be honest, I have never truly participated in an ABDL ‘meeting’ or anything of that sort.  I have met up with another girl that wears diapers before and I have met a few other women who have actually had to wear diapers from incontinence (met them at an incontinence support group a long time ago).  I have seen quite a few postings for the US in regards to meetings and ‘munches’.  I think there is even a group that gets together and goes camping.

I live in North Carolina and I know there is a group that meets about an hour and half or so away from me once a month.  I mean I would say there are multiple meeting opportunities but I honestly have trouble making them because I quite busy or have other obligations I have to attend to.  Plus, hearing certain peoples talk online and through message boards saying extremely inappropriate stuff as well as how mean people can be makes me very cautious about just showing up to these things.  Unfortunately, as with any group, not just ABDLs – there are always those select few that ruin the ‘fun’ for many of us.  Not to say I would never meet other ABDLs but I am the type of person that would want to not only talk online to someone before I met them anywhere but also over the phone just to get a sense of who it is.  You never can be too careful who you meet nowadays.

Honestly, I wish there was a central ‘base’ online where people could easily setup meetings and times of get togethers so that all ABDLs could check it and setup times or look if anything is going on near them.  It would have to be something that is very universally known among ABDLs so everyone used it otherwise it would just disappear and not be very succesful.  I thought about trying to set something like that up but, not exactly sure how.  I think it would be neat though and I think it would facilitate things for people trying to meet other ABDLs..