The epitome of wearing diapers out in public for some is wearing diapers to the doctor’s office. To many it is a controlled environment where non-judgment is suppose to take place and a person is suppose to feel safe. The doctor’s office is a “rush” for many diaper lovers and adult babies for wearing diapers out in public. The doctor is suppose to be non-judgmental in the optimal situation while allowing the diaper lover or adult baby to feel like they are taking that next step into acceptance and wearing diapers more regularly.

Adrian Public Diapers

I honestly cannot remember a time when a doctor ever judged me for wearing diapers when I have gone in the past. For as long as I can remember, I have always seen a doctor wearing a diaper. I saw a normal pediatrician up until the age of 18 and don’t remember any specific judgment.

I do remember a couple experiences at the pediatrician’s office I went to where I am not sure what they were checking for or whatever but maybe that I was developing OK “down there”? The one time I remember when I was 15 years old and the nurse had me undress down to just my diaper and cover myself with a “napkin-like” drape that covered my my body. Then, a physician lady came in but it was a “resident” as she called herself that was working with my usual doctor. She asked me the typical questions and all that and listened to me breathe as well as my heart. Then, she asked me to lay down on the exam table where she uncovered my top briefly (maybe 3-4 seconds) and covered me back up (again, maybe just checking for development stages as I later learned)? Then, she lifted up the bottom half of the drape exposing my diaper and she didn’t even hesitate. She untaped my diaper tabs from both sides and lifted up my bottom for a brief second and she taped my diaper back up. She then said “everything looks to be developing appropriately”. Again, I researched later they were checking some sort of development stages.

For most people it is an uneventful visit. I encourage you to try and judge/read your physician’s persona when selecting a physician to see if you plan on wearing a diaper. The one thing I have noticed is that the younger doctor’s tend to be a lot more accepting and “playful” is the best way I would call it – as in they don’t make a big deal about it and one even “patted” the side of my diaper after taping it back up one time (this was a female in the ER at the time). But, the younger one’s seem to just be more accepting in general than the older-school doctor’s.

Just I encourage you that if you do wear a diaper to the doctor’s office to please be respectful and mindful and don’t act like the stereotype that sometimes the public makes adult babies and diaper lovers out to be. We are better than that.