I wanted to follow up on my previous post “The Reality of Incontinence” and add some additional thoughts.  If you haven’t read my previous post (i.e. Part I), please go read that first.

Being incontinent isn’t as bad as I made it out to be.  Obviously, it does have its downfalls but that isn’t to say its impossible to make a difficult situation an easy and sometimes enjoyable situation.  That is precisely what I have done my entire life.  I accepted the reality of my incontinence and turned that situation into a positive.  That is what I would tell people newly diagnosed with incontinence or have had incontinence for a long time.  You have to accept the reality and find ways to manage it and enjoy it, otherwise you are going to go through every day dreading your incontinence.

This is one reason why in the beginning and now I have always chosen to go with diapers.  Besides there not being another way to really manage both urinary and bowel incontinence, using a catheter to me seems unattractive, uncomfortable, and a huge pain.  I know some people use them but they just aren’t for me.  Plus, bowel and urinary incontinence cannot both be controlled by a catheter so its just easier to go with one thing, a diaper.  Diapers to me have never been that big of a deal.  I mean think about it.  What person is going to make fun of you if they know you have to wear diapers for a medical condition?  If there is a person that does that, well then you probably don’t need to associate with them and they are most likely super insecure.

Incontinence has its challenges but with anything, they can be overcome.  You have to plan how you are going to carry extra diapers for diaper changes, changing pad if needed, plastic pants, etc.  No matter where you go!  Out with girlfriends…but only want to carry a small purse…probably not going to happen because a diaper would not fit or take up almost the whole purse.  Thus, many times I am stuck lugging around a huge purse…but hey, there are some super fashionable purses out there that are big…Dooney and Bourke, Coach, what what! Haha.

Its so funny to read about the people in the ABDL community and even in the incontinence community online.  I feel like I am so different than everyone out there.  Like, honestly, if you saw me in real life – you would probably think I am the furthest person from wearing a diaper or being incontinent.  Think…True Religion jeans or Sevens, mixed with some Abercrombie, Splendid, or Michael Stars tops and Dooney and Bourke bag.  I know to most people looking at me that would seem so far-fetched that someone like that wears diapers…and believe me, you can tell by the reaction of some people when they find out.  Its not so much a “Eww” reaction but more like a “wow, I would not have guessed that”.  I still to do this day have never really had a negative reaction to my diapers probably since high school…but come on, its high school.

But, I will use myself as the perfect example.  You wouldn’t think I would be incontinent and wear diapers…that is because I made the best of my situation, still maintain a social life, I am happy, satisfied, etc.  You take what life gives you and you make the best of it.  If life throws you incontinence, well then you wear your diapers proudly and happily 🙂.