So, I know I haven’t posted in a while – been busy with some family things and personal issues.  But, hopefully all that is done and I am good to go.  I wanted to write a post on the premium adult diaper industry in general.

The adult diaper industry is huge.  I mean huge.  The premium adult diaper industry though is big but not big as in variety.  There are only several huge adult diaper companies that actually put out a “premium” adult type diaper.  When I refer to premium, I am referring to the heavy duty type adult diapers that are meant for big messes 😉

If you really think about just how many truly “premium” adult diapers there are – it really is not that many and you start to see the lack of variety.  You can probably name them on one hand: Abena X-Plus, Bambino Diapers, Secure Personal Care, ABUniverse, Molicare, and maybe Unique Wellness Brief and Dry 24/7.  Those are the big time premium adult diapers on the market.  What is also funny if you look at this list is that only 3 of those are truly American made adult diapers (Bambino and Secure)…which raises a question on why there are so few premium adult diaper manufacturers in the United States?  Abena I believe is German, ABUniverse is manufactured outside of the United States, Unique Wellness Briefs are out of I believe Australia originally, etc.  I left out Tranquility ATN because I don’t consider it on the same level as these adult diapers. I believe Molicare may be manufactured in the United States but was originally created over seas somewhere…at least I remember someone saying that somewhere…so don’t quote me on that.

I recognize that the premium adult diapers are made for a special population and not everyone needs such a heavy duty adult diaper.  But, I think the manufacturers are really missing out on a specialized and focused group.  Now, the one thing I can think of that may keep some manufacturers away from producing a premium diaper especially for the ABDL type people is the mass complaint system and small room for error.  Consider this, Bambino Diapers does just that – they created a specialized adult diaper for the ABDL community mainly – fortunately, there product is really good and amazing but that does not keep the few that despise them for some reason to make it their mission to badmouth Bambino Diapers.  When you have a specialized group and one person chooses to be immature that can really hurt a company that specifically caters to a smaller selection of people.  So, it is risky for companies I would imagine to create a premium adult diaper for such specialized communities and/or groups when a few people who decide to be immature just plain don’t like the diaper or prefer another one over that one but want to badmouth about it to others for no reason.  The same can be said for Abena – some people hate Abena products because of the tapes but the fact is that Abena makes very good products as well but a minor issue such as sometimes their tapes can be difficult cause people to go off on tangents about how terrible of a diaper it is – which is obvious not true.  So, I would imagine that some companies think it is a risky operation to cater to such specialized groups which is why you don’t find so many “premium” type adult diapers.

Fortunately, the ABDL community and others can be thankful that a select few companies have decided to either cater to us or continue to manufacture a good premium product that can be used in the adult baby and diaper lover community.  I know my thoughts are a bit sporadic today and you will have to forgive me on that – I sort of just type out what I think sometimes.  And, I just think sometimes we may be a little too harsh on certain companies when it may be just because of a bad batch of adult diapers or small little inconsistencies that are normal in the manufacturing process.  Little problems like that should not cause us to hate a product.  I can understand big problems like a diaper ripping all the time, switching to cloth, poor customer service, etc.  Those reasons I can understand for complaining but we as a specialized community should not be so quick to complain and crucify these companies that actively support us and provide great products whether it is specifically for us or not.  I mean can you imagine what diapers you would be stuck with if we didn’t have Bambino Diapers, Secure, Abena, Molicare, or the other premium adult diapers.  I am not hating on Depends or anything but I don’t know about you – but I don’t want to be relegated to using Depends or Attends the rest of my life and always worrying about leaks and all the other problems that come with the cheaper adult diapers.  Just my thoughts!.