I wanted to share my experience of what I like to call “The Perfect Diaper Position”.  When I refer to this I am referring to the best position I lay to sit/lay/stand that makes me feel the best when it comes to having a diaper on.  Now, I am not the biggest AB in the world as some may know (I am more of a DL) but I do like certain AB aspects.  My perfect position is laying on my stomach with just a nice fresh Bambino Diaper on and my sports bra while on top of a nice made up bed.  I love it…when my bed is all made up and room is all clean and just laying on top of my nice made up bed with a fresh thick diaper on.  I typically will just fall asleep for a little bit and take a nap maybe during the day after my workout or something.  To many this may not seem very AB but doing this really does something to me inside.  It makes me have this indescribable feeling of being ‘babyish’ because my diaper butt is technically sticking up so if I have an accident whether it be a wet or messy diaper that Peter will just be able to come in while I am napping and pull back my diaper and check me.  Its really hard to describe but this combination of not only the position and comfort but mixed with emotions and experiences with this makes this my killer perfect combination of making me feel like a baby with a nice thick diaper on.  My room is typically set at the perfect temperature so being able to sleep on top of all the covers is easily possible to me because my bed is so important to me in regards to coziness.

While, I have a few other positions that make me feel very babyish, this one probably does it for me the most.  It is one of my favorite things as I love not wearing pants around my place because there is just something about my little diapered butt showing that I actually like.  I know, strange.  Its strange because I like the little outpouching sometimes that the Bambino Diaper makes especially when you first put it on where it actually looks like you pooped in it – but you didn’t (at least not yet hehe) but I don’t know why I like that little minute detail about the diaper but I do.  I guarantee though there are little quirky but specific things that many other ABDL’s out there love about their diapers or the position they sit/lay/stand when having a diaper on.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me as I really do love hearing from others..