So, as people can see I have once again changed my blog design due to some people informing me of browser viewing issues with my previous design.  I like this design better as it is more organized clean and I find it easier to read.  Still working on tweaking it though.

But, here is what I have been wondering.  I really want to take this blog to a new level.  I love blogging and writing and when I don’t have crazy family emergencies or whatever I can blog just about everyday even though I know I haven’t in the past week just because I got swamped which honestly rarely happens.  So, I want to take this site/blog to another level.  Maybe expand it to add more things and features.  I hate becoming stagnant and I want to grow the site and blog to greater heights.  What things would you all like I Heart Diapers add or come to?  Offering products? User submitted photo gallery? More reviews? Etc?  What do people think would take this blog/site to the next level.  Diapers are a huge part of my life and I truly believe in spreading the word as best I can in a positive light.  So, I am open ears to what people would like to see this blog become or whether they want it to just stay as it is.  I would really appreciate any comments..