So, with the latest news on Bruce Jenner coming out as a transgender and how much of the public and media are trying to harmonize it and basically promote acceptability of it; I got to thinking about the ABDL’s public image. At the moment, I don’t think much has changed from year’s past. The ABDL community I feel has a poor image in the public eye and they never get to see the “image” of the everyday people that wear diapers and love just the cuteness of diapers. Instead all they see is grown older men frolicking around in a massive thick diaper with pink frilly tutus on.

Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with those older men that do that. I don’t judge people at all. I just wish our community had a better image than that. We give ourselves a bad name. There are only a select group of ABDLs out there that really truly just want to hang out with others in diapers and enjoy the “diaper lifestyle” I feel like. Instead, a lot of it is sexual and that image is usually what gets plastered all over the public image of adult babies and diaper lovers.

I think the adult baby and diaper lover community needs an image overhaul and I think that its going to take a multifactorial approach to do it. Here is the list I think its going to take in order to make the ABDL community more organized and respectable not only to the outside world but within the community also:

  • Centralized website that promotes meeting other ABDLs – this must be respectable, clean, and easy to use. Almost like FetLife in its organization but geared specifically to ABDL community – allowing others to search for ABDLs nearby.
  • ABDL clothing – this clothing needs to be modern in this day and age as well as subtle. You don’t need to wear a pink tutu in public with a thick diaper to represent us but merely maybe a simple shirt that says “I Wear Diapers” or “Diapered” on a modern looking t-shirt or tank top. This promotes curiosity in a good clean fashion.
  • Support of those who promote the ABDL community in a clean way. There are several sites/blogs out there that try to promote the ABDL community in a clean light – they take time to run. We should support them.
  • Don’t make everything about sex – some people just like meeting someone new that happens to share the same interest.
  • Images should be more innocent – diapers under clothes, diapers peeking out in public, laying on a beach in diaper. There should be more of these types of photos instead of purely close up crotch shots.

These are just some general basic examples I think that needs to happen.

What do you all think?