Over the past month or so I will say that my frustration with a social network that allows an easy way to meet other ABDL’s in a friendly and easy to use manner has been extremely lacking.  It is unfortunate that the only legitimate one you can use is FetLife and that costs money and is riddled with bad content.  Even DiaperSpace has gone by the wayside and it was not even a viable option.  The only other options were Craigslist which honestly is a hit or miss especially if you are in an area that is not very big.  Other than that you have to resort to forums like DailyDiapers.  And, honestly there really aren’t that many other dedicated viable options.

The need for a clean social network that is well run and moderated that allows easy location searches is needed.  Even, if there was a small cost like $1 or something I would be willing to pay that.  But, free would obviously be better.  I just think a legitimate option needs to be available to such a large community.

We have been looking for other normal couples or people that wear diapers or such around our area and it has been quite difficult.  I am sure many people are like us in that we don’t like to fully put ourselves out there and want a safe way to do it and meet others.  Hopefully, maybe one day this site can have the ability to add one of these types of features but I think if someone is going to do it then they need to do it right and not just throw something up that “sort of” works. Just my opinion.

If I am missing another viable option – would love to hear it..