I love waking up diapered.

I wear at night by choice — in theory, I could “make it” without too much effort, and even when my control is really bad I wouldn’t need more than a pullup to catch the first few leaks before I caught myself and went to the toilet.

But I’ve come to love the both the security and the laziness of overnights. There’s something deliciously luxurious about waking up — maybe a little wet; maybe not — and staying in bed through that first “gotta pee” moment of the morning, letting the diaper take care of it all.

Because I use as thick an overnight as possible (usually either an Abena Classic 4 or a doubled cloth diaper), it’s almost always still “good” even after I get up, so I’ll usually keep that first diaper of the day on through breakfast and my various morning chores.

I don’t know what it is about the first diaper of the day, but I always feel fantastic in mine. The thickness, the wetness, the weight — something about it just captures so much of why I prefer to be diapered. It’s always a tiny bit of a wrench changing out of it (especially if it’s into a thinner, pullup style diaper for an active day).

Other overnight wearers, do you get the same enjoyment from the diaper you wake up in? And for all you diaper wearers, do you have a favorite diapered time, or a favorite change of the day? Share in the comments and let us know! The comments have been great lately, and we love the community that’s growing here.