I personally know that I use to love how a pampers or huggies diaper use to smell. They still give off a light scent but not like they use to. I personally would love a product to come out in the ABDL community that has a baby scent to it. I think this product would do extremely well in the ABDL community – atleast I know I would buy it. As is with all my diapers sitting in my closet or in a drawer – I would love to be able to open my closet or open my drawer to a light wiff of a nice baby scent to it. Nothing to strong of course but just a little something – ya know?

Yes, I am aware you can just throw some baby powder around and sort of get the same effect but that is sort of messy and being the neat freak that I am I wouldn’t like baby powder thrown all around my house or room. Yeh, I am a neat freak…you really ought to see my closet. All the diapers are perfectly stacked up and in nice little perfect heights to look super organized. They are also organized by the type of diaper. But, that is me I guess – Ms. Neat Freak.

I am one of those people that is not a pure AB, but I do like to engage in a tiny but AB activities. I am probably 20% AB, and 80% DL when it comes to classifying that. But, that is why I think the whole diaper scent thing would be great and bringing that back would I think really be a great idea! Just my thoughts though – maybe you all think the same?.