The ABDL world is a complicated one and consists of people from all walks of life. Everyone from doctors, lawyers, construction workers, teachers, and the list goes on and on. I for one look at the adult baby and diaper lover world as an extremely unique community that is completely different than any other community. There is not really a community out there that enjoys doing things that are similar to the ABDL world that is harmless in its purest form but yet can bring so much joy. But, this world of ABDLs has in my mind given themselves a bad name in many aspects and really has brought more harm than good to the community.

The ABDL world is first looked at in a negative light and associated with kids unfortunately. An outsider looking in automatically is going to associate diapers with kids and while this is unfortunate, it is understandable. What is not understandable and unacceptable in my mind is those people who enhance this image by engaging in activities that will only further this view. While I understand there are always bad apples in any group, I don’t think it does us justice when there are a whole lot of “borderline” apples that engage in forums and chat alongside or with people that are under the age of 18. I think this is wrong and however innocent it may be in many cases, it is not in many other cases. Unfortunately sites such as ADISC, while providing a decent community, is filled with underage kids as well as teenbabies and adult diaper lovers and babies. This setup is a breeding ground for disaster but also is not a good look for the ABDL community. The site basically is an invitation to anyone with a computer and internet connection to come “innoncently” talk to underage people about diapers…this in my mind is wrong and breeds negativity. There are many “good” people at places like ADISC but there are also many sickos, perverts, and the likes that harbor around this community because they know what it is and how to bend the rules to satisfy whatever need they want. That is why I highly disapprove of sites like ADISC and the likes of them and feel they really are a bad apple in the ABDL community.

Sites such as DailyDiapers are good wholesome communities that is specifically for ADULT babies and diaper lovers over the age of 18. They do not invite nor set up specific threads for underage people. DailyDiapers as a whole is great forum that has a lot of engaging people that are 95% of the age of 18 which is how its suppose to be!

The outside world does not understand what goes on in the ABDL community as well as someone like me or you. Which is precisely why the ABDL community as a whole should not give them any reason to misunderstand or interpret our community as what it is not. I know one thing is for sure and that is when I have kids one day, whether they wear diapers or not, I will never approve of them conversing in a chat room that contains adults when they are under the age of 18. I think it leaves a lot of open doors and is just wrong. The ABDL world is an ADULT world and while there are people under the age of 18 that are into the diaper thing – that area of things should not be promoted online in such a public chatroom open to anyone wanting to easily lie about their age to gain access to children. This is wrong.

I have always been a big supporter of the adult baby and diaper lover community and always will be. The first step in presenting ourselves to the outside world is to clean up the mess within our own “ranks” that does not give outsiders excuses to accuse the ABDL community as a whole of wrongdoings. While, this is no easy task, I think it is a focal point that should not be taken lightly if the ABDL community ever wants to take another step in acceptance on any level within the outside world.

This is just my two cents on the situation and while sites like ADISC are well moderated communities and active – I think ADISC presents a huge problem and are a sore eye for the ABDL community as a whole when they are actively harboring people that are under the age of 18 in their forums. If they would gear their site to over the age of 18 then their site would be fantastic but that is not the case and unfortunately I think it is just one of the many examples of the barriers and problems for the adult baby and diaper lover community of every getting past that horrible stigma to the public.

NOTE: While I understand people’s views may differ I do not want “trash” comments and I will not allow garbage and immature comments such as this which I just received:

So you want over 18 sites where people can post hairy crotch shots or their miniature d*cks, or pick up chicks for diaper sex, or provide detailed instructions on how to make yourself incontinent so you’ll be pissing yourself happily ever after without control. I’m sure that is what this world needs!” (he also forgot to leave a fake email so some nice easy Google searches and I have a photo of him from a profile)

I thought about posting his photo just to prove a point but I won’t stoop to that level…Please refrain from immature comments AS WELL AS comments that you simply base off of here-say rather than fact..