For many of us, including myself, diapers are a way of life.  We are incontinent and are forced to either deal with catheters which are a pain and I will never ever use those or wear diapers.  While I didn’t discover diapers via experimentation, feeling, etc.  I did discover diapers all over again basically and what they really ‘mean’ in the world of ABDLs.  They give the diaper such a positive persona instead of a negative object that is reserved for babies and old people.  I never thought of the happiness, joy, and plewp_e diapers could have brought to me before I truly discovered the ABDL world – I never thought of the feelings I would be feeling.  In probably a horrible attempt to describe what I refer to as an “indescribable feeling” towards diapers I will try to express what I find thrilling and joyful in wearing diapers.

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I am sure a lot of people are familiar with that rush you get when you think or know somebody has spotted your diaper.  Even though that person is probably not going to say anything or think much of it – that “rush” is an amazing feeling just even thinking someone noticed.  That feeling is hard to describe…because though in a way you want others to notice your diaper, in a sense, you do not for fear of any sort of negative response, emberrassment, shame, etc.  So, the feeling of someone possibly noticing your diaper is indescribable because its addictive in that, personally, I love the idea of someone noticing that I am wearing a diaper under a skirt or pair of shorts.  Even though it is not by choice that I wear, it gives me an amazing rush for some reason that I cannot describe.  But, there is that hesitation sometimes that I only want them to get a quick peek just so they see it but they are unsure what they saw – which basically leaves them “clueless” and non-judgmental because they are unsure.  YES, I know very confusing – I told you I would do my best to describe it.  All I know though is the feeling is nothing like being extremely happy or extremely emberrassed – it is neither of those.  It is what I would say a “happy medium on steroids” (awesome describption I know!) – because its like I have this happy medium between feeling the comfort of wearing a diaper and someone else noticing but not too much but then take that happy medium and give it steroids.  Haha, I truly must laugh at myself trying to describe this.

For anyone who possibly caught on or understood anything of what I was saying, I truly must applaud you because that is probably the worst explanation I could probably give.  I tried my best to describe the feeling and hopefully I am not alone in this “indescribable feeling”.  What can I say, diapers have shaped my life and opened up many opportunities and all I want to do is take every advantage I can of it..