I wanted to take this time to thank all my supporters and readers of my blog. Especially during this time as I attempt to maintain and grow my site. Yes, I am continuing to try and add new features and what not. Slow process though as I am still learning some stuff about managing a site and all that.

Anyways, I wanted to just say thank you to everyone who Subscribes to my Premium Content Section of my blog. It truly helps support me – especially since I am now running my site on a VPS in order to handle the massive traffic I get and still have fast load times as well as handle all the photos and what not. Eventually videos – still trying to work out how to do that on here without completely overloading my server. If you know anything about a VPS (I didn’t at first until my host told me that I could no longer be on a shared host) – its quite expensive monthly but its worth it to me! I decided to make the investment because I obviously have big plans for this site. I will say though – a VPS is way faster and more reliable than shared hosting!

But, again I want to thank all my readers who come here and support my site. Whether you are a subscriber to my Premium Content and/or you come and support me by commenting and sharing your experiences – I truly appreciate it. You may also notice some advertisements in my sidebar and on the front page – if ANY of them jump out at you or what not – please do not hesitate to click them and support them (and me indirectly). It is something simple you can do and supports the advertisers as well.

Again – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who supports me in however you choose to. I truly appreciate my readers, supporters, and everyone who comes here. If it weren’t for you – I would be talking to myself on here 😉

And as a special thank you – I wanted to post a photo just to say thank you. A little introduction and please excuse my “rolls” in my stomach…its because I am hunched over on a cycle bike. Anyways – I am sweating and I was trying to take the photo myself – so excuse the angle and quality on this one. Hope you enjoy and THANK YOU everyone.

Adrian Exercising in Diapers

Again – thank you everyone and expect more to come from me!