The Tena Slip Maxi has been one of the most sought after European adult diapers for those in the United States.  Until now, all the people in the US could do was buy super expensive Tena Slips for high prices on sites like Ebay or just look at them on all the European diaper models.  They were extremely hard to get in the United States until Bambino Diapers came along and worked out some sort of deal to import them and sell them in massive quantities to those in the United States.  Why the Tena’s in the United States are so different than the European version is beyond me. But, let me say that the Tena Slip Maxi is an amazing diaper with great features with which I will review below.


The Tena Slip Maxi adult diaper has a very babyish and unique appearance in my opinion.  Though it does not come with baby prints on it – just the added details and design on it definitely give that babyish feel in my opinion as you can see below:

Tena Slip Maxi Adult Diaper

As you can see, this is a medium size diaper and it comes with purple coloring on it with a wetness indicator.  Though I do like Bambino’s All White diaper (Bianco), I do have a thing for diapers with wetness indicators.  I feel they add to that true diaper feeling.  But, that is just my opinion.


The absorbency of the Tena Slip Maxi is truly amazing.  The diaper itself does not feel as bulky as a Bambino or Abena but it sure does hold A LOT.  This is probably due to the fact that the Tena Slip Maxi uses a lot more polymer than pulp in their diaper.  It can easily hold multiple wettings…I personally was able to wet it fully 3-4 times before needing to change it and that was just because it started to sag a bit.  I think one of the greatest features of this adult diaper is the fact that it swells up so nicely.  I think many ABDLs will like this feature and how it feels when it is wet.  It swells up very nicely and gives a very nice soft cushy feeling that I really liked.  Overall, I give the absorbency of this diaper a 9/10.


The fit of the diaper is obviously going to come down to a few factors including your body size, the diaper size you choose and how tightly you put your diaper on.  But, one thing you will notice is that the Tena Slip Maxi has a “European” fit.  I like it – there really is no way to describe the fit honestly, you will either like it or just not prefer it.  I like the fit because it holds to my bottom better and works for me when I don’t want some huge bulky diaper.  They have been perfect for me when I go to the gym or do light exercise because they give me amazing absorbency and protection without all the bulkiness.


The Tena Slip Maxi is a very comfortable diaper  – the inner lining is very soft and I really liked this feature.  It just was very soft against my bottom.  The diaper itself is very flexible to so it moves with your body and you don’t get that stiff diaper feel.  The tapes held VERY WELL and I was able to refasten them if I wanted to make them tighter or looser.

Other Notes

+ It is PLASTIC diaper – NOT cloth
+ Offered by Bambino Diapers w/ free shipping

Overall, the Tena Slip Maxi rates up there with one of my all time favorite diapers because of its uniqueness in features.  It allows you to get a lot of absorbency and very comfortable diaper without the bulkiness of some of the other premium adult diapers.  I love the look of the diaper itself and then combine that with its amazing absorbency and it really does rate up there with my Top 3 all time favorite adult diapers.

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