So, Bambino Diapers released the Tena Slip Maxi – the famous European adult diapers and I have been so excited to get mine.  I finally received mine in the mail yesterday and I plan on doing a full and thorough review very soon but just wanted to express my first impressions after so much anticipation and excitement.

I opened the package of Smalls and they absolutely fit me perfectly.  Nice snug fit but not too tight…just how a small should fit on me.  But, the plastic is super soft and is perfect for those who don’t like the big bulk of a Bambino, Abena, etc.  Yet, so far they have held a ton of fluid…more in the complete review to come.  I absolutely love the look of the diaper…I love purple so this diaper is all me 🙂 It is a very cute diaper…for most people in the United States these diapers were something of a mystery besides seeing them on a lot of European ABDLs and used in a lot of the diaper “model” photos.  So, it is nice that Bambino has found a way to get them in the United States.  If you haven’t check them out over at Bambino Diapers: Tena Slip Maxi at Bambino Diapers.