Hey everyone, I had a specific question addressed in regards to a case in which you have a significant other that you haven’t told about wearing diapers but you would rather give up diapers than ruin anything with her.  Well, this can be a confusing situation as if you really are serious about being with her then regardless I would still tell her.  BUT, its all about how you would say it to her/him.  Its all about timing, wording, etc.  Do not come off telling her about your love for diapers as a freak and who is absolutely obsessed.  Make it sound like not a big deal and that it doesn’t overcome your life.  In a way, wearing diapers stems somewhat from childhood so you can attribute it to that some – but they key is to make it sound more like something that developed out of your control rather than something that you specifically chose and do.  But, here is why I WOULD tell her/him regardless…no matter how small the urge is to wear diapers –  you are always going to have that urge and say you all of a sudden one day get caught wearing by your wife at the time – then, you have lied to her and that lie with a combination of “maybe” she doesn’t fully approve of it could cause some major issues ranging from serious arguments to possible divorce which is no fun.  Trust me though, its extremely important regardless to atleast put it out there…make it seem like its something she could participate in possibly…don’t make her feel awkward or alienated about it.  But, most importantly don’t make it sound like it will overconsume your life and make sure you throw in there that “you wanted to be honest with her because she means so much…”.  Describe to her about it, explain, etc. because she is probably going to be confused about what it is and all about and you don’t want any misconceptions.  But, thats my advice in regards to that 🙂.