One of the biggest obstacles people have is telling others they either enjoy wearing diapers or have to wear diapers.  Both, in my opinion should be approached in the same way and in the same context.  Many people ask me “what do I say” and “how I should say it”.  The first thing I tell them is to be confident and don’t come across if you are doing something wrong because then that just is a bad start.  So, be confident and don’t come across to the person as if you had just robbed a store or something.

Second, never just tell the person flat out that you enjoy and love wearing diapers.  Don’t put it like that.  Whether you you need diapers or enjoy them – the conversation should start out in the context of being for a medical issue.  So, basically if you don’t need them then you will be telling a minor fib or slight exaggeration.  This may come across as morally wrong to a few people and I understand that but it is also morally wrong for others to judge you.  Anyways, just say something along the lines of “I have a minor medical issue that requires me to wear a diaper at certain points of the day for added protection and it provides a sense of security for me”…obviously this statement needs to be tailored and “flowered” up to the person you are talking to but that is a good base to use.  Don’t come across like some obsessive and crazy person that just loves diapers with no reason other than it feels good because 9 out of 10 times the person will associate it immediately in negative light.  You want to provide the justification and reasons up front so that they do not assume and make their own conclusions.  You start out slow with the person and ease them into the explanation.  Don’t say “I love diapers because they make me feel good” – that will probably not get you too far in many cases.  Come off as nervous but confident and make sure that you tell the person that you trust them and think a lot of them to share something like this with them.  It makes that person feel responsible and almost at first proud that someone can trust them…it puts the ball in their court rather than yours.

The main thing I tell people is to have your reasons and justifications laid out up front and to make sure those reasons are not just that you like them.  Start out with that it originated from a medical issue and then go from there.  Use words like “security”, “comfort”, “de-stress”, and “calms me down” because these words are neutral and non-aggressive words that will make what you are telling them easier and put it in a more positive light.  A lot of what you say and how you say it has to be tailored and catered to that person though based on what type of person they are.

Note: If you are truly interested in coming out or telling someone then I will and am open to help walk you through it.  I have a lot of experience with it.  But, don’t contact me for help if you are not going to do it and aren’t serious about it.  I am more than willing to take the time to help you but just make sure you are serious about it..