Swim Diapers

So i came across this and Honestly was shocked because I had never know that anything was made for swimming in diapers. I still don’t know if i would use this. I have been to the beach in a diaper but I have never gone swimming because I figured that would not turn out very well! I was wondering if anyone had ever experienced this or found a way to help this?? The description for the product is: “Washable, reusable swim diapers for adults. Worn under a swimsuit or alone, it keeps the pool sanitary and won’t turn into a weight like ordinary diapers.” To me it kinda sounds like a cloth diaper in a way but again that wouldn’t make sense either πŸ™‚ I would really like to find something that looked a bit more like a diaper I think that I could swim in, but I’m not sure there is even anything out there like that! Just my thoughts for the time being!

Have a wonderful Hump day! πŸ™‚.