Peter and I just did something very bad..we took a late late run to the grocery store and bought lots of junk food that we don’t need! haha We just were craving a whole bunch of foods so we just decided to go and take a run! haha luckily we aren’t going to eat it all tonight but i definitely don’t need to be eating it this late!

It’s been a pretty quiet night around here! just getting some work done and will probably be heading to bed soon so that hopefully this will be the last day of this stupid gunk that I have! I just want it to go away and for some reason it just keeps lingering around!

I have been wearing the same bambino diaper for the past 6 hours! 🙂 and the good thing is that I think it still has a long ways to go! Peter is shocked but I also put a booster in it which is helping!

Goodnight loves…Hugs!.