The ABDL community definitely only has a few companies out there that exclusively tailor their products to the community.  I could probably count the number of ABDL companies on 2 hands that are actually legitimate…and that would probably be fairly difficult.  Off the top of my head I can think of Bambino Diapers, ABUniverse, CosynDry, and then it starts to become a bit more difficult.  Sure there are others but its not the greatest sign when its that hard.  Out of those 3 companies 2 of them have had great customer service and 1 of them has been very suspect but I will not name names.

Regardless, it is important for the ABDL community to continue supporting at least 1 of these companies whether its buying a case, pack, sample, trying a new product, etc.  As long as these companies are working for us and making products for us and doing their best not to take advantage by charging outrageous amounts of money for their products then we should support them.  ABUniverse has been guilty and still is of poor customer service, suspect affiliations with sketchy sites, and charging outrageous amounts for their “novelty” diapers.  It is unfortunate as they offer some decent products but there products have never performed as well for the amount of money as some of the other brands like Bambino, Secure, Abena, etc.  While, I think we should still support ABUniverse “IF” they clean up their act – they have an obligation I think to the ABDL community to at least provide the basics of better communication, customer support, better pricing and better products if they want to be any where competitive with people choosing to buy from elsewhere.

Bambino has always been at the forefront of innovation in the adult baby and diaper lover products world.  While, their releases have been traditionally slower and more spread out – that seems to be changing lately with them actually taking feedback from their customers and using it real-time in enhancing their products in new batches.  Any one can appreciate that.  They are trying to interact more with people on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Which is nice to have a social face to a company like that.

Regardless, any ABDL community should be welcomed with open arms and fully supported until they do something to lose the trust of its consumers because we would hate to see these few companies go away and be sent back to the dark ages of store-brand diapers all the time and limited selection.  While, I do support open criticism of any of these companies – I think it is also important to keep in mind what they are actually doing for the ABDL community as a whole and the investment they are making and effort they are putting in to provide us with these products.  Just a thought!

Been busy these days – trying to get my life in order – sorry everyone…drama drama drama..