The adult baby and diaper lover community is huge. I have personally done research in comparison to just how popular the community is in regards to other “communities”. The ABDL community is unique and I think is a grossly underestimated community that many business have yet to take advantage of. The few ABDL specific companies that at least gear their products to ABDLs are limited but are typically very good. Some companies do not flat out say they are adult baby and diaper lover supporting people but they advertise within the community and their products are made on the more “adult baby conscious” mind in my opinion. For example, Secure Personal Care is a company that is not “advertised” as geared towards ABDLs but they are very ABDL friendly and many of their products cater to the needs of the ABDL community. The thickness, design, etc of their products are all assets many ABDLs desire. The same cannot be said for Depends because most of their assets in their diapers are made for the everyday incontinent user in mind which means less absorbent, thinner, etc. So, I devised a list of companies that I believe are very ABDL friendly in my experience of ordering from them:

  1. Bambino Diapers:  The best probably adult baby and diaper lover company on the market.  They specifically and actively gear their products to the ABDL community and all their products are high quality.  They probably came up with the official and most popular true “adult baby diaper”.
  2. ABUniverse: Another actively ABDL specific adult baby and diaper lover business gearing many of their products towards ABDLs.  While not as popular due to their history of poor customer service, not as high quality of products, and high prices – the variety they offer appeals to many that are willing to pay top dollar for more of the look.
  3. Secure Personal Care: They actively advertise in the ABDL network but their products website gears towards the incontinence community.  But, don’t let that fool you because their products are one of the most absorbent on the market and they have a really good selection of adult diapers in different absorbency levels.  Their Secure X-Plus is famous for being super comfortable and highly absorbent in the ABDL community.
  4. XPMedical: This site carries a large variety of incontinence products and is active in the ABDL community.  They carry a lot of adult diapers than many ABDLs associate with as well as they are very ABDL aware and friendly.

Those are the main sites I have had experience with that are very ABDL aware and friendly when it comes to ordering and I am sure there may be a few others but these are in my experience and from what I have seen.  I think it is important to support all these companies because they are what runs the adult baby and diaper lover community in allowing many of us to use great products instead of using the same old products such as Depends and Attends.  These companies provide a great service to the adult baby and diaper lover community and I feel they should ALL be supported.  If you haven’t tried ordering from one of these – you definitely should give them a shot.  If you are looking for good prices on the most absorbent adult diapers on the market go with Secure Personal Care’s Secure X-Plus Adult Diaper or Bambino Diapers or you could try XPMedical….if you are looking for more of just the look of baby diapers and willing to pay a very high price for the look but lower quality and lower absorbency then give ABUniverse a try..