Sorry everyone for not posting yesterday I was gone the whole day with family related matters and was not around a computer to post.  I rarely see my family so it rarely happens but yeh…So, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend – I know mine has been so hectic.  I decided to clean out our master bedroom this morning before I posted and wow, was it dirty.  I actually found a random wet diaper under some clothes as disgusting as that may sound.  Our room isn’t as bad as that sounds but it was definitely not the cleanest.

I LOVE cleaning though…it makes me relax sometimes just to go around and make everything look so neat and organized again.  Especially when all the diapers are lined up all neat with the seat of the diaper facing me.  With like hundreds of diapers stacked on top of eachother it just looks so clean and neat.  I love it.  It makes me giddy inside just thinking about cleaning.  haha I know I’m a loser…I enjoy cleaning.