Well since there are more questions I figured I would go ahead and address as many as I could. I have to say that I have overall led a very blessed life, I was insecure as a child when I developed this condition that required me to wear diapers. It took a while for me to get used to it, and I only told best friends or those that were close to me and I trusted, luckily for me none of them really ever minded!

As I got older I began to realize that this was something that I needed to be comfortable with but it was not until I grew older that i Began to realize that this is something to makes me unique and something that I LOVE! I as corny as it may sound Fell in love with Diapers! I began using the internet as a way to meet people who were much like me! It was really my escape for a long time!

As for work, I don’t tell anyone at work because I am in a very professional business that this kind of thing whether medical or not might cause some issues. My boss, coworkers, and everyone that I work with has no idea and I keep it that way on purpose. Its hard to really express how I got through some hard times, but I had some great friends, great family, and now an Amazing finance who I thank God every day that I am with! My fiance, like some may think, is not the reason for my confidence and my comfort it is simply because I have grown up and realized that we each have one life to live and I would rather spend this life comfortable and in love with who I AM, than acting like someone I am not. Diapers make me who I am and they are who I am in every way possible and I would never have it anyway different! I don’t tell every single person I come in contact with but all my close friends and those I trust know and they have never said anything rude or hurtful and have always been supportive!

As you all know I do show off my diaper most of the time while I am out on the weekends and such and even then I have had only a few comments and most can be ended with the response, “I wear for a medical reason.” I don’t let what people think affect me because they don’t know me. I love Diapers! And I don’t care what others tell me. I understand that is a hard mindset to obtain, trust me it took me a very long time to come to where I am today! But it is 100% worth it! If any of you ever need anything I am here, sometimes you need someone to help you along in order to become and get to where you need to be!

 I hope my ramblings make sense!