I have the biggest presentation I have had in a long time this morning! Even though I don’t do these very much I feel like my stomach is about to explode! lol and lets just say early this morning Peter had to deal with my diaper which was also very messy for my crazy nerves this morning! I am heading in a little late since I have this presentation, you would think after time things like this would get easier for me but they never do! So pray for me.. haha I need it today! I doubled up today so that I would be well protected and wouldn’t have to get up and leave my meeting to change so hopefully that will all work out!

I went out last night to pick up some more wipes because we needed some until our shipment of bulk wipes comes in! I was in a rush so i didn’t really look at what Kind i was getting and ended getting some kind of scented flowery ones..well let me tell you! when you have a very messy diapers and you are using flowered smelling wipes – NOT a good combo! It was the worst combination of smells you can imagine! I ended up using a lot of powder to try and cover up the smell, Guess i’ll pay better attention next time!

Alright…well off I go! Hugs! have a great Wednesday!.