So, I have gotten this question multiple times on whether I think the Secure X-Plus or the Bambino Diaper Classico, Teddy, or Bianco are more absorbent.  In my opinion, they are all the same top absorbency.  These adult diapers make up the epitome of absorbent diapers on the market but they are all the same in my experience when it comes to absorbency.  It just comes down to the design and what you like.  Do you want a plain all white adult diaper – then go for the Bianco! Do you like Teddy Bears – then get the Teddy Bambino! Do you like baby blocks – then get the Bambino Classico! And, finally if you want a neutral non-babyish print design but want still a print on the diaper then get the Secure X-Plus.  They are all phenomenal adult diapers with the best absorbency on the market but they are all the same in terms of absorbency.  I buy all of them just sort of depending on my mood – there is something unique about the Secure X-Plus that I do like!  But, I love the new Teddy design on the new Bambino Diapers so I do get them as well…but I am a sucker for the classics that Bambino makes (i.e. the Classico and Bianco).  There is something for unique about a really thick all white diaper.  It just depends on my mood, honestly.  But, hopefully that clears up any questions on whether there are differences.  If you have any other questions – just let me know and I will try to respond to you!.