Secure X-Plus DiaperSecure X-Plus diapers are made by the company Secure Personal Care (  They make several “levels” of diapers, three actually, ranging from their premium level diaper all the way to their most absorbent diaper, the Secure X-Plus.  The Secure X-Plus diaper is the diaper I will be reviewing today as I prefer their most absorbent diaper even though the other levels of their diapers are quite absorbent too and I would easily choose over other brands such as Attends and Tena.

The Secure X-Plus diaper itself is a plastic diaper that has one of the softest plastics of all the top level diapers.  If you like to crinkle then you will definitely like this diaper.  It has a very soft plastic outer covering.  Also the inner-lining of the diaper is very soft as well.  I find it important and noteworthy to mention the softness of the inner lining.  I am big on preventing skin rashes and irritation and the Secure X-Plus has not once ever given me a skin rash from rubbing – so that is a big plus in my book.

The absorbency of the Secure X-Plus definitely puts it in the top 5 most absorbent diapers category.  I am a girl and I don’t have the “luxury” of being a guy and using the maximum space of the diaper (i.e. the front) for absorbency but I was able to soak the diaper completely 3 times and could have gone probably even more but I just had to change.  No Leaks.  This was impressive I thought.  I thought it absorbed quickly to.  Being a girl, urine only really accumulates at the seat of the diaper and the back.  A man is able to take advantage of even more of the absorbency because they can use the front of the diaper for even more absorbency.  So, I would say if you are looking for a extremely soft and absorbent diaper then this is a perfect match.

In regards to the fit and comfort of the diaper, it is amazing.  Everyone has different body shapes and some products will work better for others.  The Secure X-Plus just happens to fit me perfectly and snug.  It also has waistbands to hold the diaper close to your body which is also nice for multiple reasons.  It helps with the comfort and fit but if you like that “babyish” feel then a waistband definitely adds to it.  The elastic leg gathers are a huge positive for these diapers too because not many diapers now a days come with them.  They are soft as well and comfortable against the skin while also providing a nice snug fit.

The tapes are another huge positive in my opinion.  The diaper is designed with frontal landing zone that allows you to remove a tab/tape and then stick it back on if you would like WITHOUT tearing the diaper.  I was able to undo the diaper tab and place it back on the frontal landing zone over 5 times and it was still holding strong.  So, this is a big plus for those who are casual diaper wearers and don’t want to necessarily waste a diaper if you have to take it off.  You can untape the diaper and then retape it back on later without wasting it.  It allows for easy adjustments which I always like.

Overall, the Secure X-Plus diaper is one of my Top 3 Favorite Diapers that I use.  I always make sure to have a supply of them along with my other brands.  If you were to look in my closet you would find equal numbers of Secure X-Plus and Bambino Diapers as those are my top diapers that I currently use…you would also find some lesser diapers such as Attends.  But, I am a big supporter of the more absorbent diapers last longer and withstand more so that is why I always have a stockpile of Secure X-Plus diapers and Bambino Diapers.  If you haven’t tried them – they are definitely worth giving a shot.

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