The Secure Plus diaper is a diaper put out by Secure Personal Care and is probably one of the best mid-level adult diapers on the market.  Plus, the all new Secure Plus diaper has a super cute design on the front of it that I absolutely love.  I will show the photos first before I get into my review of the Secure Plus diapers.

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Absorbency: The absorbency of the Secure Plus is surprisingly really good.  Though it does not compare to the absorbency of Secure Personal Care’s Secure X-Plus diaper (their premium and best adult diaper), the absorbency is still one of the best for a mid-level diaper.  I was able to wet it 2 full times and then I felt like I had to change…no leaks!  It probably could have held a little bit more but that is pretty good for a mid-level adult diaper.  Other adult diapers to compare it to are Attends and Tena which I think Secure Plus beats both of these easily in the absorbency department.

Design: The design of the Secure Plus diaper, especially the new one, is great.  It is super cute and I really like the cute little hearts on the front.  The fit of the Secure Plus is very secure and fits great.  I feel very protected at all angles of the diaper.  The plastic is SUPER SOFT, and I love the crinkle this diaper makes.  Very soft plastic which is great for a lot of reasons, one being is that it will REDUCE chaffing on the skin!

Features: The features of the Secure Plus diaper are really quite amazing.  They feature a re-taping frontal landing zone to allow adjusting the diaper in case it needs the adjustment once put on.  Also, it has standing leg cuffs which is one of the best features ever created for a diaper.  It also has leg gathers to further prevent leaking.  These features rarely come with any other mid-level diaper which I think is what sets the Secure Plus diaper apart from a lot of other adult diapers.

Price: The price of the Secure Plus diapers are one of the better buys you can get out there for a mid-range adult diaper.  The features that come with this diaper plus overall quality and absorbency are phenomenal and especially for the price.  Plus, they offer Free Shipping with every order no matter what which is very nice!

Overall: I was super impressed with the Secure Plus diaper and will definitely keep a steady stock of these diapers in for when I don’t want to have a super thick diaper on but rather feel like a semi-thick and very good absorbent diaper.  The absorbency was quite impressive to me and very good compared to other diapers similar to it.  I would highly recommend many of you try them especially with the new cute designs.

Buy Them Here: Secure Personal Care (Go to Briefs and then Secure Plus, be sure to check out their other products which also may suit your needs).