A news report just came out reportedly saying that Ronaldo back in 1999 had to wear adult diapers due to the fact he was taking a medication for weight loss. Link to Article

Honestly, not sure what to make of this assertion. You would have thought SOMEBODY would have noticed a diaper or something odd during one of the games? Right? Of all the cameras going off and all the crazy movements in soccer – there was not a simple glimpse of anything remotely resembling an adult diaper? The only thing I could possibly think of as a possibility is he had to wear thin pullup style adult diapers and he wore them under the shorts with mesh in them and then made sure is shirt was tucked in at all times. That would be my guess if there was any truth to it. There is NO WAY he was wearing a diaper along the lines of Depends, Attends, or any other brief style adult diaper for that matter – the bulge or sound would just be too noticeable in some format for that many people to miss.

Just my thoughts on the whole Ronaldo diaper situation. What do you all think? Am I missing something, is there proof?.