Today I am doing a review of one of my favorite diapers.  The Attends Briefs with Waistband is one of my all time favorite.  This is an artistic creation of them below.  If you haven’t tried them you really should because they are a wonderful diaper.The waistband holds it close to your body unlike a lot of diapers that don’t allow the diaper to fit snug against your waist.  With the waistband it will fit snug against your waist.  The outer part of the diaper is plastic and NOT CLOTH which allows for that crinkle sound that is always nice to hear.  It also has three tabs on each side which stick very well and I have NEVER had an issue with tabs coming off.  When the diaper becomes wet, a chemical reactions actually takes place and allows the tapes to become even more stickier to the diaper so as to make sure it holds tight.  Though the diaper does not hold as much as some of the really heavily absorbant brands such as Bambino or Abena, it does hold very well and I have rarely leaked.  The price for a case of these diaper hovers around $55 – $60 in multiple places for 88 of them.  They are truly one of the best buys I highly recommend them to anyone that loves to wear diapers or has to wear diapers for incontinent reasons.

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