How is everyone’s week going so far? I am so glad tomorrow is Friday – it has been a really slow and rough week for me. Time seems to be absolutely crawling. We have had nice weather around here though so I cannot complain too much since it seems winter is finally over. Warmer weather is in the works!

I wanted to just make a note to some of my readers in regards to my blog…sort of a request. I obviously get a lot of traffic on my site and cost to maintain this site has gone up as well as time into the blog every day and what not. You may notice a few random advertisers or sponsors around my blog at times. I ask that if you are looking for a certain product or interested in possibly something in them – to please go through my link(s) as it obviously helps benefit my blog and the advertisers sure do appreciate it as well. I understand that not everyone can donate and that is completely fine with me – but clicking through to some of my advertisers if interested in them is a win-win for you and I. Just wanted to put that out there as it is something small I can ask to help us all out in the end.

But, enough of that. I told everyone I would post another photo from the other day when I was shopping – so here ya go – obviously trying stuff on in a dressing room. Didn’t come away with anything – except some photos of course!

Adrian in Diaper

Nothing too exciting going on in this picture – but I sort of like the calming effect of the black and white photo…I’m so artistic…not! Anyways, I am off to try and catch up on sleep – it has been a lot of early mornings for me lately to get to work at an earlier hour. NEED SLEEP! Looking forward to the weekend that is for sure. Expect a nice guest post tomorrow – it a very fun post.