So, I know there are a couple haters out there that find the need to try to bring others down and well to that I will say this…I am just going to make some coffee, open up my curtains, let the sunlight in and just relax in my diapers because all the fabrications you all make up brings me so much joy :mrgreen:

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Wasn’t that a creative intro for posting a photo? Haha.  Anyways, I was told that a guestbook would be a cool thing to add to this blog?  What does everyone think?  I would moderate it of course because of spam and people posting inappropriate things…but, how about something like that?

I have been working on the profiles thing to add to this blog but I am getting problems with it breaking the blog (aka: messing with the format) so I am still working on that with my limited knowledge of HTML and CSS.  But, if all goes well look for profiles at some point soon hopefully!  I really want profiles to come to this blog so I am working hard on it – just got to get the formatting to look right.

Sorry, guys just been busy, tired, and a little sick lately so have to forgive my lack of posting…to those who email me – I promise I will respond, I get tons of emails so I try to respond to most of them as soon as I can!  Sorry, if I haven’t responded to yours yet!.