Well in a quick response to Babystevie (I think that was you name who made the comment on my last post) yes, checking each other has sometimes led to some very leaky diapers but most of the time we are good about it!

peter and I got some Molicare diapers in! I am very excited to try them though mots of the time they fit Peter much better than they do me so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.. has anyone else tried these? They are very thick which is one reason that I really like them! I’ll have to take some pictures of Peter and I in them so you can see the Kind we got! At one point I ordered the same kind in a small to see if they would fit me and they did but they were also VERY VERY tight which is not what i like! This time we got medium which Peter has tried before! I’m excited to try something new that is for sure! 🙂

I’m about to go into work, hopefully I will have a lot going on which sounds weird but it really makes me they day go so much faster when I do! I can’t stand just sitting around and watching the minutes just trickle by….I hope everyone has a great Friday Afternoon!