I apologize for not posting before today, again what started as a relaxing weekend turned out bad because we had to leave and go out of town until this afternoon. I know that family is important but i cannot even begin to explain how much it takes out of me for Peter and I to go out of town and not get back till right before another stressful week of work begins. I am just trying to calm down and make the most of what is left of this Sunday, life just gets way too stressful sometimes and Peter and I don’t even have children yet!

Anyways I did get a small question from a reader about Peter and his messy diapers. They wanted to know how I checked Peter and what he did until I checked him. Peter and I try to check each other about every 5-10 minutes or so and that makes it easier because when he does messy, or when I have poopy diaper, then it is easier to clean up.  So usually peter doesn’t have to sit in his messy diaper very long before I am in there cleaning it and getting him in a nice fresh diaper. Hope this answers the question!

More later… Hugs!.