Alrighty so I don’t know what to post about so I thought I would put a reader poll and see what kinds of readers are out there and learn a little bit about you all:

1) What are you favorite type of diapers and why?
2) Why do you love diapers?
3) When did you begin to wear diapers? Age?
4) Does anyone know about your love of diapers?
5) How often do you wear? 24/7? when you’re at home?

I’ll go ahead and answer these to get the ball rolling…

1) I’d have to say Attends probably because that is what I wear the most and what I have the most of!
2) I love diapers for so many reasons but mostly because of the comfort and protection I feel when I wear me they are the greatest things in the entire world!! They are part of me so in a way they make me who I am!
3) I began wearing for medical reasons when I was very young
4) Those who are close to me and those who I trust know
5) I wear (as you all already know) 24/7…always have and Always will! 🙂

Alright..back to work for me! Hugs!!.