The weekend here in the Raleigh area has been a super rainy one this weekend. Quite depressing actually. Gosh, I wish it was snow so bad instead of boring ol’ rain. I wish I lived in Washington D.C. right now where they are absolutely getting slammed with snow. As you can tell I love snow. I think the idea of being trapped inside because of snow with a fire going in the fireplace and just walking around in a t-shirt and diaper holding my favorite coffee mug is fun to me. You northerners probably hate it and its probably a nightmare but I love the “cozy” factor and there is nothing cozier than a diaper plus being warm inside knowing its cold and wintry outside. What can I say, I love snow.

It finally stopped raining today (Sunday), so its sunny here now. Still cold, but sunny. You know what is also weird – when it is sunny outside, I feel more stressed. I know isn’t that crazy. There just is something about it being sunny that makes me feel like I always need to be doing something and I get stressed. Opposed to rain, snow, thunderstorm, etc where the dark clouds and precipitation seems to have a relaxing effect on me. Maybe its just that I have been conditioned over my life to like the cold and dark weather? Since I have worn diapers my whole life I always hated the sunny and hot days because I tend to sweat more in my diaper and can sometimes get a little uncomfortable…but you don’t get that as much with diapers when its cold and not sunny outside. I don’t know, just a thought. Well, thats it for now. I might post again later. I hope everyone out there is having the weather you enjoy outside and staying diapered up..