Goodmorning my diaper loves!

I just got up a little bit ago, I know much later than I was supposed to be in at work but I had told them that I wasn’t coming in today because I was sick. tehehhee Guess I just needed a day off! Anyways, woke up and I had leaked all over my entire bed! I really didn’t mean to do that but I had gone to bed later than Peter last night so he hadn’t changed me like he normally does before I go to bed. I leaked all over the bed and since he is at work I guess i’m going to have to take care of this myself šŸ™ I just finished changing my diaper now im about to wash my sheets and I think im going to to go and try to find a pad to put down underneath my sheets from now on in case this happens again so that it doesn’t get on my mattress!

It’sĀ  a beautiful day outside so I think im going to do some gardening today! And maybe take my dogs for a walk! Peter enjoys when I garden because I sit outside in some old shorts and a sports bra (if it is warm enough) and have my diaper hanging over my shorts!Ā  hehe so hopefully he’ll come home for lunch while I am gardening!

Well off to start my day! I hope everyone has a great day and I will post again later.. šŸ™‚.